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Pets fill our hearts and souls with love - they shouldn't fill our noses.  Did you know DooKashi is Non GMO Project Verified? DooKashi is proud to show we are concerned with our pet products being safe to be used to eliminate odor.

Nobody says it better than our customers!

Read testimonials below for customer feedback. Want more customer feedback? Look under "Product Reviews" on each individual product page. 

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Small Animals Testimonials: Ferret

  quote.pngI love the mint scent. I've bought a lot of other cleaners and their scents have been too overpowering! This one is much more pleasant and natural smelling. I have 2 cats, both practically geriatric, so they tend to have issues hitting the litter box. Plus, one is rather territorial and has marked all along my couch (he now lives in the garage/outside :D). This product is probiotic based, and after a lot of research I've learned this is what works best because it literally eats the proteins in the urine, getting rid of the smell permanently instead of covering it up. Now I can sleep at night, and not kick my couch to the curb! haha".  Lucy (Amazon verified buyer)

quote.pngseriously can't live without DooKashi! Just cleaned 2 cat boxes that are in our bedroom. Serious life saver!" Abra J., Johns Creek, GA 

quote.png..,Used it in my cat box--noticed a big difference as I use natural litter and not ones that mask the smell".   Melody G., Chick n Bees Equipment, Los Gatos, CA


... I started sprinkling Dookashi in the ferret cage and cannot believe the difference. It's been 15 days since I cleaned it out and you wouldn't know there is a ferret in the room! Thank you!!" Alec M., Puyallup, WA

quote.png... We have had way too much rain in the last few days, and while not exactly wet, the coop floor was damp and beginning to smell. Not now! That's why I ordered more. Thanks from me and my hens!Therese, Houston, TX  

quote.pngWow! Tested DooKashi with my male mice, the stinkiest creatures on earth! It works! I was amazed, because nothing else works, even a full scrub of cage, they still stink! So now the rats and the mice all get DooKashi! Safe and easy to use! GREAT, must have product!!"  Cassi A., Kobold Rattery, Whidbey Island, WA 

quote.png... just when I think I may be able to do without it - that horrible smell comes back and I KNOW I have to buy more!" Stephanie R., Bothell, WA 

quote.png... LOVE this product! I use the DooKashi for my chicken coop! Its awesome and helps so much! A little really does go a LONGGGG way! Thank you! Ordering another bag right now!”  Elise S., NY

quote.png... We’ve had cats, chickens, ducks, roosters and even a peacock or two for years and none of them were aware of DooKashi but WE sure were…no odor is right!” Dick, Edinburg, VA 




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