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All Testimonials

All Testimonials

The DooKashi Difference

Pets fill our hearts and souls with love - they shouldn't fill our noses. Did you know DooKashi is Non GMO Project Verified? DooKashi is proud to show we are concerned with our pet products being safe to be used to eliminate odor. ngp-seal.jpg

Nobody says it better--than our customers!

quote.pngI am getting the buy 1 pound get a two pound bag instead deal :). Thank you!! I'm getting one for my mom as well to try with her chickens too. Love this product!!! Could not weather the winter without it!!! Thank you DooKashi!  Heather, Greeley, CO

quote.png  On our property we have 2 composting toilets . & have found that DooKashi eliminated odors that we incur with the composting toilets . Just a light sprinkle in the tank area when it is noticed & presto it is taken care of for some time without having to empty the units prior to it being necessary . And it continues with odor control for quite some time.. Thank you DooKashi! Alan


quote.png...can think of no other all natural, safe to ingest odor eliminator for keeping chickens (and ducks) from smelling! Our customers are very happy with its effectiveness and ease of use.”  Kevin S-V, Portage Bay Grange, Seattle, WA 

 quote.png I have been using DooKashi for about a month now and it is dfinitely helping to control the odor generated by the poo from my German Shepherd and Boxer. I use the back corner of my lot to dump the waste and cover it with grass clippings. Before using DooKashi, the odor was very strong, especially on hot summer days. Now I sprinkle about a 1/4 cup of DooKashi on the poo before covering it with the clippings and it is doing a great job of controlling the odor. I can now enjoy my pool without smelling any dog poo and this has greatly improved my backyard experience and that of my guests! Thank you for making this wonderful product available. I highly recommend it to all my friends! Laura C., Denver, CO

quote.pngThis product works great! Having 70 chickens the coop doesn't always smell good! Now I don't have to clean the coop as often and now always smells great! I will continue to use DooKashi!"  Walter R., New Britain, CT 

 quote.png... I used some on my dog's bed and the dog-smell is gone!?! Which is amazing! We gave a bag to our brother in law and they used it in the litter boxes and the smell is gone too!!! We're definitely hooked on poo-smell-be-gone" John H., Bainbridge Island, WA 

quote.png... a wonderfully effective product. It sure helps with three cats to deal with." Scott F., Bainbridge Island, WA 

quote.png... Love the DooKashi, Love the no smell, Love the environmental aspect!!" Customer Survey 

quote.png... Our cats don't cover their messes, but the DooKashi helps keep the litter box and room much fresher. Wish it taught them how to cover!"

Customer Survey 

quote.png... Speaking of DooKashi…..Love my set up! Took advantage of the beautiful day to pick up and treat the doodoo…… smell! So amazing!“ Lisa B., Kirkland, WA 

quote.png... I will begin carrying Dookashi next week! I’ve had good luck with it personally and the folks I gave the samples to have liked it as well! It will make a nice addition to my store.“  Amanda, Cats Exclusive Veterinary Clinic

quote.png... I have an indoor kitty and there is absolutely no litter box odor in my house (I am the type of person who notices a litter box smell when I walk into a house--not saying that's a good thing about me). Have used it outside for the dog poo storage bag to get rid of the odor there as well. And to think that it is good for the environment to boot!" Mary T., Kirkland, WA 

quote.png... Dog/Cat/Pigeon odor gone! I have now used this on the bottom of the outdoor dog kennel, in the litter boxes, and in the pigeon loft. I was SHOCKED at the lack of pee smell now coming from each. The dog kennel was especially gross to me. We would hose it down, spritz it with bleach, and two days later it would smell. I sprinkled about two cups in the bottom of the 10'x10' kennel and now two weeks later it is still pee smell free! I also have eight cats who share three litter boxes. This has really stopped any ammonia smell from the boxes! The pigeon loft also has little ammonia smell now. I need a five gallon bucket of this! So far the largest bag is 2lbs. With five dogs, nine cats, and 23 pigeons I really need a larger wholesale option. (yes, it really does work that well!). I am from the area where this is made so I love supporting a local company! 5.0 out of 5 stars Love this stuff!!" Julie, P. Seattle, WA 

quote.png... I was a little skeptical at first – you gave me the sample bag, I thought I noticed a difference….then I bought the 2 lb bag from you, and this stuff rocks! I can’t believe how the odor is truly eliminated." Shari M., Seattle, WA

quote.png... Love, love, love! I had firsthand experience with DooKashi’s odor eliminating ability (up close and personal on a walk carrying a stink poop). I’m sold! I sprinkle it in the dog run area and I’m sure my next door neighbors appreciate it”. Alex L., Kirkland, WA 

quote.png... I am a DooKashi and DooKaddy believer! It truly does work. NO smell, absolutely amazing and we help save our environment. It is a must buy, you will love how easy it is to use!!" Kathy W., Sammamish, WA 

quote.png... Outstanding product! Nice work! "Cheryl O, Lewiston, ID 

quote.png... I have two cats and always on the lookout for ways to reduce the odor from their litter boxes. This is a great product that significantly reduces the odors without essentially changing the familiar smell of the box that is so important for finicky cats. It’s very easy to mix in when you add in new litter and I love that it’s environmentally friendly." Anne H., San Francisco, CA  


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