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Blogger Reviews

Don't just take our word for it - read what pet experts are saying about DooKashi in their own words.  We learn from these experts all the time! 

Poultry & Cat Experts 

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Lisa of Fresh Eggs Daily tried DooKashi on her menagerie of chickens (and even in the cat's box too) & "she liked it...she really liked it"!  Watch Lisa's Testimonial Videos:      

Read how Lisa uses DooKashi with  Deep Litter Method and with Spring Chicks

Melissa of Tilly's Nest used DooKashi with her flock and offered this first impression "I must say that I thought that I had managed my chickens' waste with a good system. This product has made it even better!"  Blog 

Ingrid King, founder/publlisher of the Conscious Cat ( Top 10 Cat Blog Worldwide) offers observations of her personal "smell test" and found "..I was amazed how quickly the ammonia odor disappeared".  Blog

Angie Bailey, inspiration behind Text from MIttens (Petties 2014 Funniest Blog Winner) said "It (DooKashi) definitely does the job. When I scooped the box this morning, there was nary a poo smell! I also liked that it wasn't dusty. Many litter and litter-related products have a dusty cloud that makes me sneeze. DooKashi had no such cloud. And it smells nice -- like a morning glory muffin.Those are my favorite. The cats weren't affected at all by the smell, which was good. They can be sensitive. I think they might secretly like morning glory muffins!  Blog 

Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries & Meows tested DooKashi's effectiveness in extending litter and wrote "Not once during that (3 week) time period did I have to add more litter to the box (YAY!), and there was no litter box odor whatsoever"! Blog 

Stop Poultry & Cat Poo-Lution

Yes, we love our cats, chickens, and ducks but; do we really love their smell? No!

Ban odor from the litter box, coop & pond...Use Non-GMO Project Verified DooKashi and eliminate the ammonia smell without masking scents of chemicals.   Poultry Prints

Only Natural Ingredients 

And we do mean natural as in: you do not have to wear a mask or gloves when handling, nor worry if it's ingested (by a pet or human!). 

  • Select Wheat Bran
  • Certified Organic Probiotic
  • Blackstrap Molasses
  • Purified Water

We're serious about taking this extra step to not harm a feather, fur or hair of any pet by following a rigorous best practice for GMO avoidance. DooKashi is one of the only non-pet food products to be verified! 

But Wait...There's More

For cats: adding DooKashi to kitty litter helps extend its life and is completely safe to handle. No need to wear gloves or nose plugs as odor is gone!  

For poultry: the organic probiotic in DooKashi will help kick-start your compost pile, ensuring your bedding will break down into compost more quickly. Great news for breaking down pine shavings which experienced chicken keepers know take a long time to decompose.  

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