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Whether you are a novice Backyard Chicken enthusiast or someone who can't imagine their life without an active coop - you know the smell of chicken odor and the need for chicken coop odor control.  We're betting you also don't like it any more than anyone else around you. 

DooKashi for Poultry is the answer to neutralizing chicken coop odor in an environmentally friendly and effective way. With no masking scents or chemical perfumes, DooKashi's all natural ingredients work immediately to eliminate chicken coop odor and disease producing microbes in a tested scientific manner.  Plus, the active OMRI listed probiotic actually speeds up the composting process of the chicken manure.

What about ducks and other poultry you ask? DooKashi works with all types and breeds.  Rest assured: DooKashi is completely safe if ingested and is Non-GMO Project Verified.

With testimonials from Chicken experts like Tilly's Nest,  Fresh Eggs Daily and MYPETCHICKEN, don't just believe us: try our chicken coop odor eliminator yourself! DooKashi for Poultry is available in 1, 2 and 4.5 lb bags. 


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