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For Dogs

For Dogs

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What Is DooKashi®

A pet waste culture mix of beneficial bacteria that naturally gets rid of the unpleasant, strong aroma of dog poop and urine odor without simply "masking" it with fragrance.

Sprinkle on dog waste and the Certified Organic Probiotic goes to work breaking it down into a type of compost without harmful disease-producing microbes. If you have a yard, you should be able to enjoy it and not dread opening the door because of the horrible smells from dog odor. Use DooKashi and you'll love your yard again! 

What's In DooKashi®

  • Organic Rice Bran
  • Certified Organic Probiotic 
  • Blackstrap Molasses
  • Purified Water

We chose for DooKashi to be Non-GMO Project Verified because we respect people's right to know what is in products used with pets.

What DooKashi®Isn't

  • Magic powder 
  • A septic system starter
  • Harmful if ingested by pets or humans!

Consider ThisDog Prints

There are as many variables as there are dogs regarding just "how much" you need to use for your own poochie. The specific amount of DooKashi to use is dependent on the size of Fido and the type of food Fido consumes. The more certain ingredients are in their food (i.e. corn and corn by-products), the more poo Fido gifts you with and therefore, the more DooKashi is needed to eliminate it's noxious odors.

DooKashi Directions

After picking up poo, sprinkle DooKashi * on the poo area of grass and into the waste bag with a visible amount. These two steps make dog potty area and waste receptacle completely odor free.  Plus, DooKashi will prevent noxious poo odors from accumulating.  Your nose will tell you when it's time to add more DooKashi!  
*Amount to sprinkle varies depending on size of poo area

Store DooKashi out of direct sunlight and sealed. Expires 2 years after bag is opened. 

Poo-Lution Solution

We highly recommend daily collection of dog poo for the benefit of the environment and pet owners. Be a responsible pet owner and pick up dog poo – no one likes the pet poo odor and getting it on your shoes is disturbing and messy! 

DooKashi's Other Uses

  • Poultry Brooder & Coops - keeps respiratory systems healthy
  • Kitty litter extender
  • Spread in bird or other small critters habitats

See for Yourself: Fido's Poo Predictor

Want to know how much your pet produces in waste? Try this poo calculator to predict for yourself just how much your little (or big) dog "contributes" weekly, monthly and annually:

Fido's Poo Predictor

What is the weight of your dog in pounds?

Your dog produces pounds of poo per week!

Your dog produces pounds of poo per month!

Your dog produces pounds of poo per year!


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