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DooKashi Pet Odor Eliminator products are made with only all natural ingredients including a Certified Organic Probiotic that once activated by moisture, quickly eliminates odor caused by pet waste.  How? The good microbes outperform the bad which renders pathogens inert. Once pathogens are gone - so is the odor without using masking scents or perfumes.   DooKashi all natural pet odor control products are all uniquely Non-GMO Project Verified and completely safe if ingested by animals (or humans!).

EcoPet Natural Cleaner is made with the same Certified Organic Probiotic as is used in DooKashi.  Made with all certified organic ingredients, under final label approval with USDA Certified Organic approval. 

EcoPet Organic Coop Cleaner is a new product specifically made to keep roosts, coops, feeders and nesting boxes for Poultry! Under final label approval with USDA. 

EcoPet Bedding Wash - Laundry Odor & Stain Remover is a new product demanded by Grooming Professionals! These products are perfect for when detergent alone isn't enough to get rid of lingering pet smells on fabrics & bedding. 

After all - pets fill our hearts and souls with love - they shouldn't fill our noses!   

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