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Four Chicken Myths Busted

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According to the most recent edition of Backyard Poultry magazine (a good resource by the way for all chicken keepers!), there are some myths based on old age chicken adage that simply aren't true.  Here's a recap by Robert Pekel/Arkansas- 

1) Dual-purpose chickens are good for both egg & meat production
     "Red Sex Link, Golden Comet & Leghorns have performed well. Overall however, dual-purpose chickens either don't lay enough eggs or the meat is off flavor or there's not much of it".

2) Cornish Rock & Cornish Cross are not good chickens because they are the industrial farm standard
 "They are a standard for a reason! Cornish Rock produces the best quality and maxium quantity of meat. How it is raised determines the difference between a healthy chicken, or the industrial creation of Franken-chicken."   

By the way - using DooKashi will actually keep your chickens respiratory systems healthy as it quickly eliminates the ammonia odor. And it stands to reason that "healthy birds lay the best eggs while a healthy respiratory results in a chicken i.e.more meat".  

3). A rooster is necessary to produce eggs 

 "However, it is probably more of a misunderstanding than a myth. A rooster is not needed to yield eggs. Roosters tend to be hard on the hens, so unless you wish to try a hand at breeding, roosters are unnecessary". 

I admit, I believed this as well! Obviously, what I learned in the past is not biologically correct! 

4). Chickens are good for the garden
"this is by far the biggest myth. Chickens in the garden are actually a bit of a disaster as they disrupt carefully mulched beds, and destroy seedling with their scratching. However, the real boom comes from adding yard waste material (leaves & grass clippings) to their droppings which results in black gold!   If you add it right to their pen, the chickens will do all the mixing for you"

Another bonus for using DooKashi is the OMRI listed probiotic ingredient that actually accelerates the composting process resulting in a much more nutrient-rich "black gold"!  

Are you a chicken keeper who haven't tried DooKashi? You should as clearly - two of these four myths will always be proven wrong (and that's a good thing!).  Want to more? Click Here or watch this Poultry Testimonial by Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily.  

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