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Organic Coop Cleaner

Organic Coop Cleaner

The First Organic Coop Cleaner

You Asked... We Listened!  

Poultry keepers - and we do mean all those dedicated fans of all types of poultry from chicks to roosters to ducks - are looking for specific cleaners guaranteed to not add unnecessary chemicals or detergents. Why? Because they are directly eating the eggs produced and in some cases, the actual bird itself.    

For Poultry Breeders of medium to large flocks, a gallon size is also available - just email and we'll get you pricing information!  

Powered by Certified Organic Probiotic 

Like our EcoPet Natural Cleaner, our Coop Cleaner has a main ingredient consisting of a proprietary blending of hundreds of microbes that make up this unique certified organic probiotic.  And like our EcoPet Cleaner, the additional benefit of being a live probiotic means that by scientific definition it "adapts to multiple odor and cleaning applications"! Even after the first application - microbes live 3-5 days on a surface so they continuously clean.  

All-Purpose Coop Cleaner

Use with confidence on Coops, Feeders, Nesting Boxes, Roosts and Runs

Simple Daily Maintenance

Spray the coop cleaner thoroughly onto the surface area until moist.  Let set 2 - 3 minutes and wipe dry with no rinsing required.  Add in some "elbow grease" is needed and be sure to repeat if guck is caked on.   Spraying into the air will also make coop smell fresh & squeaky clean!

Deep Cleaning

You'll want to remove all the shavings, straw and other bedding materials for a really good deep clean of a coop. Follow the same steps as above being sure to let all areas dry completely before reapplying new bedding materials.  




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