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For The Litter Box

Dookashi for Cats is a 100% Natural Odor Eliminator and LItter Box Additive that immediately takes away litter box odor.  Used specifically for removing inevitable litter smell, DooKashi works on a microbial level in reducing pathogens.  Once pathogens are removed - the odor disappears! DooKashi has no perfumes or chemicals and is completely safe if ingested (by humans too!). 

DooKashi for Cats is available in 1, 2 and 4.5 lb bags and works with all litter types. DooKashi has a whole-grain consistency and is a Non-GMO Project Verified product,  Why? Because we believe pet owners have a right to know about ingredients used in any pet product.  

Psst: we've often heard "but my litter box doesn't smell"....honestly, it does! But it won't using DooKashi - your nose will "tell you" the difference.  Don't just believe us: see what Award Winning Conscious Cat Blog says about DooKashi! 


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