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For Horses

For Horses

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What Is DooKashi

A bedding additive & odor eliminator for horse trailers and stalls

Pure Contents

  • Certified Organic Probiotic
  • Organic Rice Bran
  • Blackstrap Molasses
  • Purified Water

The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices. At DooKashi, we chose for our products to become Non-GMO Project Verified because we respect owner’s rights to feel confident in the safety of any product used around pets. 

DooKashi and Non-GMO Project - working together to ensure the sustained availability of Non-GMO food and products.

What DooKashi Does  print-horse.png

  • Keeps horses eyes and respiratory systems healthy by eliminating harmful ammonia odors
  • Supports overall health by lowering ammonia concentration levels
  • Reduces fly infestation and disease-producing microbes
  • Captures odor without using masking scents or chemicals 

Why Use DooKashi

  • It’s environmentally friendly and completely safe if ingested 
  • Works effectively with all types of bedding 
  • Aids in breaking down horse manure compost
  • Helps you get quality sleep in a trucks forward cabin or compartment and not feel you are still in a stall 
  • Turns a horse trailer (minus the horse!) into a sleeping space as “eau de stall” is gone

Odor Control Reducing ApplicationsHorse Hooves

  • Add to trailer bedding when transporting a horse and eliminate pet odor
  • Shovel large chunks of organic matter out of trailer and sprinkle on wet/ripe parts of floor
  • Sprinkle on any pile, pick it up and compost safely knowing disease-producing microbes have been reduced

Eliminate Horse Poo-Lution 

For best results, start with a clean horse trailer, stall or confinement area. Sprinkle a thorough and visible amount* on to trailer or stall floor being sure to cover wet/ripe areas.  Cover with preferred bedding material (DooKashi works with all kinds). DooKashi can also be sprinkled on individual areas where pet waste is removed.  Re-apply when your nose "tells you" to and odors will not accumulate.   

*Amount and regularity varies depending on the diet, number of horses and ventilation.


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