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Wondering how to extend the life of chicken coop bedding?

This is a common question amongst backyard chicken keepers! Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily offers her insights today on her blog and a shout out for DooKashi: "I sprinkle some DooKashi coop odor eliminator over the floor of the coop and let it sit all day. That will eliminate any residual ammonia smell or moisture."We turn [...]

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Chicken Coop Prep for the Winter

We know Winter may seem like a long way off but: it's really not for many parts of the country.  And, as we all know, chickens need your attention no matter what the weather! However, what are the best methods for prepping your Coop for Winter?   DooKashi is fortunate to work with #FRESHEGGSDAILY. We read [...]

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Community Chicken Giveaway and Review

We've connected with the wonderful Melissa Caughey of Tilly's Nest website & blog fame  (Named a 2015 Top 25 Backyard Chicken Blog) writer of "A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens"  and contributor to other publications such as HGTV Gardens, Grit Magazine and Community Chickens to name a few. We've even found a NW connection as her sister [...]

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Ever hear a cat scream? I hadn’t until yesterday….

Visited one of our biggest fans: The Whole Cat and Kaboodle ( in Kirkland’s Houghton Neighborhood. When I walked in, Nancy the owner (with the ever helpful Daria) was trimming the claws on a gorgeous cat that was less than pleased to have this done. Actually, I’ve never heard such a human- like sound coming from an [...]

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4 days til Shop Small Biz Saturday!

Tick, Tick, Tick...Shop Small Business is Nov 29 - only 4 days away!Now's the time to make a list of where you can knock off your Holiday Shopping list AND support your favorite small business at the same time. Lots of deals being promoted (so many that it can make your eyes cross and heart pound) [...]

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Why Have Backyard Chickens?

After attending a "chicken keeping 101" class; we walked away thinking of our "Top 3 reasons for Having Backyard Chickens".       Here's what DooKashi came up with - we'd love to hear comments from fellow chicken enthusiasts! 1) You know where your eggs come from: An obvious reason but even more important as people become [...]

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Hello Cat lovers... DooKashi is here to save the day!

Seems like the most common complaints from cat owners we hear are  "I hate the litter box smell"  and "I've tried (insert:wheat, non-clump, clump, etc. etc. ) and nothing eliminates litter box odor".  At DooKashi, we smell your pain! Next time you clean out the litter box, try sprinkling in DooKashi  to your preferred  kitty [...]

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