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Why Have Backyard Chickens?

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After attending a "chicken keeping 101" class; we walked away thinking of our "Top 3 reasons for Having Backyard Chickens".       

Here's what DooKashi came up with - we'd love to hear comments from fellow chicken enthusiasts! 

1) You know where your eggs come from:
An obvious reason but even more important as people become more conscious of where their food is coming from. If you raise your own chickens, you have the control over what they eat, what their living conditions are and can be confident they've been treated right. 

2) Fertilize your garden naturally

Try composting chicken poo (remembering to let it rest first as it's too nitrogen rich to use right away on plants) and the result is inexpensive, nutrient rich compost. Using DooKashi actually speeds up the composting process and by speeding it up: the result is a more nutrient rich compost.   

3) Eating fresh never tasted so good!

For example: If you've already ventured into growing some of your own produce (and we've done it just through container gardening of tomatoes) you know how much better that tomato tastes from the waxed versions in the grocery store - it's the same with fresh eggs. 

What are the top reasons for not having Backyard Chickens? Sounds like complaints of the aroma wafting across from your neighbors yard tops the list. Chicken odor is not a good thing and can be down right gross.  We have a suggestion: clean the coop regularly and use an environmentally friendly product like DooKashi Poultry Coop Deodorizer that eliminates pet odor immediately and effectively.   DooKashi keeps chicken respiratory systems healthy by reducing ammonia odor from urine and a healthy chicken produces healthy eggs!  

Let's hear from all you backyard chicken owners....

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