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The Conscious Cat Review

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It's one thing to believe in the effectiveness of DooKashi removing smelly litter box odor, but a whole other thing to have this validated by a cat expert like Ingrid King of The Conscious Cat Blog  We were impressed with her credentials:   

Founder and Publisher, The Conscious Cat
Featured as one of the Top 10 Cat Blogs Worldwide by
Pettie Award for Best Pet Blog 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014
Best Website About Cats, 2012 Readers' Choice Awards

Ingrid describes her blog as "your comprehensive resource for conscious living, health and happiness for cats and their humans" and it definitely is that: and more! 

 Knowing we've had great success with chicken blogger reviews, we reached out to Ingrid to have her test out DooKashi with her cats. After all, reading product reviews from trusted sources helps pet owners learn about new products and let's face it: makes the product's claims "true" (or not!).  

Instead of testing DooKashi in the litter box, Ingrid actually did the same "smell test" we do for customers and retail partners. We like to say, "the nose doesn't lie" and in this case, this once again proved true. Her description of the test is convincing:   

"...(Instead), I tested this product with ammonia – not quite the same as cat urine, but close enough. I put some of our clumping clay litter in a container and added the DooKashi. The product itself has a faint scent reminiscent of fresh baked bread, but that almost completely dissipated once I mixed it in with the litter. I added a splash of ammonia. The litter clumped as it is supposed to – and I was amazed how quickly the ammonia odor disappeared".

Read the whole review by clicking DooKashi Review and look for the special promo code that gives her readers $5 off a DooKashi order (hint: it's near the end).  Remember to bookmark The Conscious Cat Blog as a great resource for your cat questions!  

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