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Mittens Has Spoken

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Looking for a humorous way to see exactly what your cat is contemplating? So were we until we found @textsfrommittens  which has us laughing every day!  Originated on, Mitty's profile states  
"Lover of Judge Judy, fancy drinking fountains, liver treats ... and unnecessary drama". He's a cat "with an unlimited data plan and not afraid to use it"! 

Behind Mitten's is Angie Bailey, a humorist, cat lover and blogger since 2009. Talking with Mitty's creator got our creative juices flowing.  Just what would MIitty think about having Non-GMO Project Verified DooKashi in cat litter? Click here to see! 

While you're at it - follow MItty's lead and enter promo code "MITTY$5" for $5 off your total order. 

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