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Get Ready for National Cat Day

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Like many pet owners, we're thinking of ways to celebrate this week's National Cat Day and turned to the official website for suggestions. The following were some of their suggestions however, we decided to make our own "category" titles:

Best Suggestion to Make a Difference
Write your Congressman and ask that he/she support the ban of kitten mills and gas chambers in your state.

Best Cat Inspired Activity
Bake some cat shaped cookies for your kids, friends or office and bake some tuna cookies for your cat.

Best Suggestion to Help Someone Else
Assist an ill or elderly neighbor by cleaning their cat’s litter box and playing with their cat.

Best Recommendation for Health: (our own suggestion)
Did you know cat's respiratory systems can be compromised by ammonia fumes? Not to mention, humans with allergies and asthma can be greatly affected by inhaling odors caused by urine. Start protecting your cat (and yourself) with dust free, All Natural DooKashi. Use promo code PURR$5 and see for yourself.

Best Suggestion To Try With Your Cat
Make a window perch for your cat to lay in the sun. (Cat naps encouraged).

Tell us how you're planning to celebrate! 

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